Teradata Date and Time functions

The following are the date and time functions in Teradata.

DATE or CURRENT_DATE -  Both displays current date.
ADD_MONTHS(date,3) - Add 3 months to the current date.
ADD_MONTHS(date, -2)- Subtract 2 months from the current date.
TIME or CURRENT_TIME - Both displays current time.
EXTRACT( Day FROM Date)- Extracts and displays the day.
EXTRACT(Month FROM Date) - Extracts and display month.
EXTRACT(Year FROM Date) - Extracts and displays year.
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - Displays combination of both date and time.
EXTRACT( Hour FROM Time) - Extracts and displays hour.
EXTRACT( Minute FROM Time) - Extracts and displays Minute.
EXTRACT( Second FROM Time) - Extracts and displays Second.

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